Solar Dealer

What is a Solar Dealer?

A solar dealer is a company that sells solar equipment and infrastructure for installation on homes and businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Solar dealers sell solar equipment for solar manufacturers to consumers.
  • Solar EPC companies are a particular type of full-service solar dealer that are more holistic in their approach.
  • Dealer fees are not associated with solar dealers.

Understanding Solar Dealers

A solar dealer is a company that sells solar equipment and infrastructure to customers such as homeowners or businesses. Typically, these solar dealers will primarily sell solar products that relate to one particular manufacturer, but many solar dealers will carry a range of manufacturers. 

In addition, some dealers will offer additional installation or maintenance services. These types of solar dealers are often called solar EPC companies, or Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. Solar dealers that operate as solar EPC companies will offer a full-service suite of offerings that will help the customer determine their needs, design the ideal photovoltaic system, perform the installation, and conduct routine maintenance as needed.

Solar EPC companies are typically much more sophisticated in terms of services and scope than the typical solar dealer because of their more holistic approach. When working with a solar EPC company, because the entire process is completed under one single contract, there is only one bill to pay and the entire process is more streamlined.

To note – Often in solar financing arrangements there is what is known as a ‘Dealer Fee’. This fee is not related to the dealer and the solar dealer does not receive any portion of this fee. It is a finance charge that the lender keeps.

Related Terms

Solar Installer – A solar installer is someone who installs solar panels on structures for the purpose of converting sunlight into photovoltaic energy.

Solar Panel Contractor – Also known as a solar installer, solar panel contractors are specifically trained to work with solar panels and associated systems involved in converting solar power into electricity.

Solar Shingles – Solar shingles are small photovoltaic modules designed to look and function similar to a standard asphalt or slate roofing material while also producing photovoltaic energy.