How to Clean Solar Panels on Garden Lights: 5 Methods and a Bonus!

clean solar panels on garden lights

To clean solar panels on garden lights is a basic maintenance task you should carry out regularly. This step is essential to solar light maintenance since it directly influences how well your outdoor lights function. However, many homeowners abstain from cleaning out their panels due to doubts or fears about breaking them.  This reason is … Read more

How to Heat a Greenhouse with Solar Panels: 4 Ideas + The Complete Guide

how to heat a greenhouse with solar panels

Contrary to popular belief,  there are many other possible uses for solar energy besides providing electricity for home appliances. To heat a greenhouse with solar panels is precisely one of these uses.  Solar panels can be useful for more than just electricity. For example, many people who install greenhouses to grow their food opt to … Read more

Are Solar Panels Safe? & Other Solar Safety Questions

are solar panels safe

Are solar panels safe? This is an important question stopping many homeowners from going solar. Just to ease your mind, yes. Solar panel systems are completely safe and pose no significant safety risks when maintained properly.  To make things simple, you should think of your solar panels like any other of your home electric appliances … Read more

Comparing LG vs Panasonic Solar Panels: Which One Should You Choose?

lg vs panasonic solar panels

One of the hot topics in the solar industry contemplates the argument over LG vs Panasonic solar panels. Both Panasonic and LG Solar are excellent companies that set the bar high as to high-quality solar panels. In fact, these companies are known for offering premium solar panels. Although both Panasonic and LG sell modules of … Read more